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Since I Started Blogging.. My friend told me about blogcatalog. So i joined it and now this blog is a blogcatalog user….

Now with RSS! You can RSS us below all this post and there is a date format so that u can know when i post all this below this…

~Jeremy~  Tuesday,August 25 2009. 1:22 PM (MalaysianTime)

As I am doing nothing during my holidays… be sure
to check what am i doing at this websie…
See U Around


this websie>> change to Website

Hi, I am back but i need some people to help me in editing my second other website…. at…. If u are a genius in club   penguin… u can send a mail


Sorry to


Welcome to JeremyTey’sLife…. I have my own website at and also a not using blog at for other stuff not related to me… but here.. i found out that this is a good spot to blog around since i heard this website from a friend… Just Stick Tune to my Post…